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Upright Chiro Z7

Upright Chiro Z7 is an electric treatment table dedicated to physiotherapy, manual techniques, osteopathy and chiropractic elements.

The multifunctional 7-segment tabletop is equipped with an advanced adjustment system that allows the use of „drop” technique, movement function and positioning of the patient’s body in various planes. Electric height adjustment by means of walking-free foot control and a stable steel frame with a chassis is the perfect complement to the therapist’s work. The table has an innovative integrated foam.

The Upright Chiro Z7 is the most advanced therapy table for physiotherapy, manual techniques, osteopathy and chiropractic elements. The 7-segment tabletop is equipped with special adjustment systems, enabling the therapist to work with individual parts of the patient’s body.

Among them, the following can be distinguished:

Lumbar adjustment system that enables:

  • up / down movement (tilting) in the range of -40 ° to 22 °
  • lateral movement (swing) in the range -18 ° to 18 °

Headrest adjustment system enabling:

  • up and down movement of the entire frame headrest in the range of -40 ° to 30 °
  • additional movement of the headrest itself in the range of 0 ° to 30 °

Traction system for the cervical and lumbar spine in a total range of 13 cm.

Drop system that allows you to perform the drop technique on the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

The Upright Chiro Z7 has an innovative integrated foam, harder than traditional foams used in electric treatment table. It allows you to perform more precise impulses which is essential in manual therapy. An additional advantage of the integral foam is increased resistance to damage, crushing or abrasion.

The Integra System is an innovative technology that uses integral foam formed by a foamed core merging into a solid surface resembling natural leather. Tabletop made with such foam is seamless, easy to disinfect, pleasant to touch, resistant to abrasion, UV radiation and water effects. The integral foam production process is fully ecological.

Product parameters:

  • Tilting of the headrest: from 0° to +30°
  • Tilting of the headrest’s frame: from -40° to +30°
  • Power: 230V ~50/60Hz; 150 W; 0,7 A
  • Max load allowed: 200kg
  • Length: 185 – 197cm
  • Width: 56cm
  • Height adjusted: 55-97cm
  • Weight: 130kg
  • Brand: Habys
  • Registered and CE certified according to the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) 2017/745/EU
  • Warranty 2 years
Chiro Upright Z7 table

is distinguished by:

  • Integra foam with increased resistance to damage
  • Multifunctional 7-segment table top
  • Robust table structure with a permissible load of up to 200 kg
  • Ergonomic “drop” levers, with a unique adjustment system, allowing the patient to be lifted without the need to use the therapist’s strength
  • Adjustment of the pelvic and lower limbs segments
  • Headrest with face hole, adjustable in many planes and inclination angles
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable footrest with handle
  • Walking-free stainless steel foot control for height adjustment
  • Chassis equipped with 4 swivel castors with a blocking system
  • Safety switch
  • Stabilization belts

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