What do we do?

We know that our customers are responsible professionals so our main goal is to provide them with durable and reliable equipment that makes their patients feel safe & comfortable during the treatment. To achieve it we offer a hand-made, customized products that perfectly fit our customer’s requirements. We respect our customer’s time and money – that’s why we make customized equipment assuring several years of easy-going usage. As a manufacturer with 20 years of experience on the market we know how to deliver sale and after sale service at the highest, professional level. We are strongly convinced that our products will meet Your expectations. That’s why all Habys products are subject to the Unique Satisfaction Warranty.

How did it start ?

Our story began in 1997 in the basement of an apartment building in Jasło, Poland. In ten square meters Emil – Habys founder – built his first massage table. There were no Habys logo, company or brand yet. Emil made a table for himself. Emil and his wife, Magda, needed a table to start massaging, but they couldn’t afford to buy a professional massage table. There was no business plan and strategy for conquering the market, but if this table had not been made then there would be no Habys brand today. That’s for sure. It was like a pebble that triggered a cascade of events.

Who we are?

Our company, founded 21 years ago by Magda and Emil Kędrek, has grown over the years to a team of 50 people sharing the same passion. The passion that gives us daily motivation to try even harder and to do our best. After many years we still recognize the same honest values that have led us to the point where we are today


for the community with which we have built our success. We want to exert a positive influence on our environment. For common good.


for the world in which we can realize our passion.


on clear and transparent principles that is beneficial for both sides


with our customers is not limited to a buy-sell transaction, we are always ready to serve you with our knowledge and support.


for another human being and his work.

How do we work?

Through these 21 years we have designed dozens of models, and sold around 100 000 of massage tables. Despite this large experience we still feel just like the founder when he was creating his first table – as if we were doing it for ourselves, putting all our heart into it. We are the leader in professional massage tables industry and we are proud of it. From the very beginning, our mission is to provide professionals with the highest quality work tools – professional massage tables. The customer’s feedback and references confirm that we are successfully delivering it every day.