I saw the Habys products for the first time at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and was immediately impressed by the quality of the materials, versatility, and lightness of the table. I worked in the world of athletics in both China and the United States before returning to Italy and starting my own professional group. I currently coach and provide physiotherapy treatments to world and Olympic level athletes. In my daily practice, I use my Habys Chiro Ultralux table, which goes alongside the Habys Aero 60, for manual therapy, massage therapy and osteopathic treatments. In my work I travel a lot and need to carry my table with me at all times, so Habys also helps me with its backpack bag.

I recommend this product to all therapists who, like me, work in the world of sport or even just to those who are looking for a high-quality product to serve their clients.


I gladly confirm that the quality of your tables is great. I use Gallo for 17 years - from your email I realized that you just started when I was also buying my first massage table!

So,..I'm still using it! And the surface is still very good and not damaged.

During that time I've seen many massage tables that use artificial leather coating get really torn and damaged.


I am osteopath and have been working in elite track and field for almost 10 years. In the four years working with British Athletics and Team GB I have worked with some of the best athletes including World and Olympic medallists. I have used many brands of portable treatment table and Habys have been my choice of table from the first time I used them whilst working for British Athletics at the Doha World Athletics Championships in 2019.

Since then the quality and variety of table they have produced has grown and improved. At present I am using the Habys Aero Stablia whilst working with athletes at the track and when travelling internationally to work with them at competitions.

The Aero Stabilia is light, long and wide enough, and most importantly stabile enough for me to implement soft tissue, mobilisation and manipulative techniques with precision without the table moving and reducing the techniques efficacy.

I have the City Carry Case for the Aero Stabilia which is durable and light with enough pockets to store tools and equipment for a day at the track or when travelling abroad. The shoulder straps are comfortable and make carrying the table from track to airport, in and out of cars a breeze.

Habys in my opinion are the best provider of portable treatment tables on the market and I thoroughly recommend them.


As a Massage Therapist and a Massage Teacher, I have tried quite a few brands and I can sincerely say that HABYS come in the top for quality and versatility. The Panda Al range is brilliant. Although they are very light(which is an excellent bonus for mobile therapists), they provide excellent stability with the anti-slip features attached to the legs. I am very creative, in both my sessions and my workshops, and I like to inspire therapists to try different approaches; some of them approaches involve being on the table and I have peace of mind that it won't collapse when I am demonstrating the techniques. Thank you HABYS for helping Therapists to perform their treatments easier and more efficiently. I would also like to mention Anna who provided an impeccable service. Thank you Anna.


The International Massage Association and HABYS have many similarities regarding our business and products. Said in other words “ You pay for the value we create for your business ”. HABYS massage tables and equipment are used at the World Championship in Massage every year.


I was positively surprised about the customer's service of Habys! Very effective communication, quick response and shipping. Their products have very high quality standarts and clear desire to achieve the needs of the clients. First time I bought a table from them was in 2006 and I intend to remain a loyal client, the service and products just keep improving by the time!


The table Aero 50 from habys suited all my needs for my chiropractic personal project. I needed a very lightweight table to carry it with a bike, in that way it was perfect I couldn't find a lighter table. Also, the quality of the table and its stability impressed me a lot, as a Chiropractor I made a lot of adjustments and the table didn't move at all on slipery type of surface. Finally, the backpack option is a great idea and it allows us to carry in a very easy way. So I am very happy that I purchased this table from Habys as it fulfilled all my expectations and more.


Have been using a treatment bed and a chair from Habys in my acupuncture practice. Superb quality and classy look! Very personal customer service. Now, after moving to another country going to order from them again. Can highly recommend Habys!


5 years ago I bought the Alba massage table and I am more than happy with it. Quality, manageability and longevity are outstanding. My customers are absolutely thrilled with the comfort of the massage table. For me and my company Aromase there is no company other than Habys.

Robert Gildehaus

Aromase, Germany

Je suis kinésiologue et j’ai acheté la table fixe NOVA Komfort pour remplacer ma vieille table inconfortable. Je suis très satisfaite de ce matériel. La qualité de finition est bonne et la table est solide et très confortable. La manipulation des changements de position est très aisée. La table est livrée démontée mais le montage est très facile. J’ai aussi acheté le marchepied assorti ainsi que des housses en coton pour protéger le matelas. Ces housses sont en 2 parties et parfaitement adaptées à la forme de la table. Je recommande tout à fait ce produit que j’ai choisi et acheté sur le site internet en direct de l’usine de Pologne.


I am a certified Reflexologist after completing the Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy in Warsaw, Poland. In the academy, we worked on tables that were supplied by HABYS and that directly impacted on my decision to buy my own table from HABYS. For my own workplace, I have chosen the table XENA – it is a 5-position table and is perfect for Reflexology Therapy. Each Reflexology Therapy session last approximately an hour during which I must take great care of providing a comfortable table for my patient and I must also have an outlook for their safety. The ability of this table to change positions allows me to carry out my work more efficiently. I own several other products supplied by HABYS which are characterised by their high quality. I would like to recommend everyone products from HABYS whether for physiotherapy, reflexology, massages and many other specialists. HABYS is a very professional, helpful and ready to cooperate company.


Wir sind und bleiben begeistert! Schon die portable Liege war überzeugend, wurde allerdings nun durch die elektrische Neuanschaffung, die Optima X3, noch übertroffen. Die Liege wird bei uns täglich in heilpraktischen und physiotherapeutischen Behandlungen auf die Probe gestellt. Verarbeitung und Haltbarkeit: top! Design – in unseren Augen – ebenfalls: top! Die Funktionalitäten müssen den Vergleich mit den ganz großen Namen der Branche keineswegs scheuen und wenn es zum Preis kommt, glänzt die Haby’s durch eindrucksvolle Bescheidenheit. Für uns steht fest: immer wieder Haby’s!


TOP-NOTCH QUALITY ! I'm using their products from many years and I will always highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a best quality massage bed! All my clients are really impressed about the comfort ! Beds are extremely simple to set up and comes with plenty of accessories. Really fast and easy adjustment of the table's hight. It's a pleasure to work with HABYS products.


I have used Aero at one competition and have another big event in a few weeks time, so will give it a full and tough runout! Generally very impressed, feels light and solid, top cover and foam feels really durable. Bag's excellent and looks pretty robust. The 60cm Aero feels a bit 'long' for the width but I think this is because it's not what I am used to. I hear British Athletics have ordered 3, so I'll continue to recommend.


Ho provato il lettino Habys, Lo utilizzo tutti i giorni da oltre due anni. Larghezza perfetta, confortevole per il ricevente, mi permette di esprimere il mio massaggio in tutte le sue forme. Resistente e confortevole nella sua ergonomia, dalla sua tavola al suo poggiatesta. Sicuramente il miglior tavolo da massaggio mai utilizzato.

Ivan Conversano

Founder of the European Massage Association

Julien Roux

Osteopathe en France

Malgré de nombreuses recherches partout sur le net, il n’existe pas de table aussi légère que celle-ci à ma connaissance. Parfait pour le travail à domicile sans se briser le dos durant le transport. La table résiste à 1400 kilos en statique et à 350kg en dynamique malgré son très faible poids (sur internet la plupart des tables en alu résistent seulement à 100kg en dynamique, donc facilement cassées sur un thrust) Elle est garantie 2 ans et entièrement fabriquée en Europe, donc répond aux normes européennes (pas de mousse ou produits cancérigènes à l’inhalation pour le thérapeute). La hauteur de table se modifie en 30 secondes sans avoir besoin de la coucher. Très pratique en cours de séance. Le tissu et les fermetures de la housse sont de super bonne qualité (on peut commander les housses seules) La faible longueur peut faire peur mais même avec un patient d’1m90, honnêtement ça ne pose pas de soucis. Sur le dos, ses jambes dépassent, ça n’est pas plus dérangeant que ça pour lui. En DL, il a toujours les jambes relativement fléchies donc elles restent sur la table. A côté de ça, la table est une plume. L’option sac à dos est hyper pratique pour monter les escaliers (aucune difficulté, même pour un thérapeute de petit gabarit). Les roulettes également quand on se gare à 200m d’un domicile, par exemple.


Bei einem Besuch in einem Institut für Physikalische Medizin in Polen bin ich auf Liegen der Firma Habys gestoßen. Ich habe sie ausführlich ausprobiert und bin kurzfristig zu dem Entschluss gekommen, dass diese Liegen durchaus für meine Ordination geeignet sind (ich bin Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin im niedergelassenen Bereich). Ich habe nun fünf dieser Liegen seit 5 Jahren problemlos in Verwendung und kann sie durchaus weiter empfehlen. Die Bestellung war problemlos, die Firma zeigte sich sehr kooperativ. Ihre zufriedene Kundin mit vielen zufriedenen Patienten.

Nicolas Fischer

Ostéopathe et Kinésithérapeute de l’Equipe de France de Canöe-Kayak

Je suis ostéopathe et kinésithérapeute de l’Equipe de France de Canöe-Kayak et j’utilise la table Aero pour pratiquer auprès des athlètes champions de France. Nous n’avons cette table que depuis 1 an mais elle a déjà bien été sollicitée et a beaucoup voyagé. Il s’agit d’une table fédérale, qui est utilisée par différents praticiens de l’Equipe de France. Nous massons des athlètes de gabarits pouvant aller jusqu’à 2m et 100kg, inutile donc de préciser que la table doit être résistante. Les avis de tous les praticiens sur la qualité du matériel sont importants et je peux vous dire qu’ils sont unanimes. D’ailleurs, nous avons commandé une seconde table quelques mois après la première car elle convenait vraiment à ce que l’on recherchait. Pour ma part, je pratique depuis 15 ans et je peux dire que je sais reconnaître une table de qualité, ce qui est bien le cas de la table Aero. Elle est à la fois légère, étroite, maniable et très résistante. Dans notre métier, la précision est très importante : nous effectuons des manipulations toniques et nous avons besoin de pouvoir nous déplacer facilement autour de la table. Grâce à sa structure rigide, la table Aero ne bouge pas du tout, et sa mousse peu épaisse mais très dense permet vraiment d’obtenir les résultats escomptés. Le problème que l’on rencontre souvent avec des tables pliantes, qui ont des structures en bois, c’est qu’elles bougent pendant les manipulations. Cela gêne vraiment le travail du praticien. Nos dernières tables, de ce type-là, n’ont pas tenu bien longtemps : sur 3 tables achetées, 2 sont déjà hors d’usage car la structure a cédé sous le poids ! il faut dire qu’en championnat du monde, les sollicitations de la table sont quotidiennes et multiples: il faut l’installer et la replier plusieurs fois par jours, la transporter, pour y masser des athlètes de gabarits différents… Et du côté des athlètes qui sont massés, les retours sont très bons aussi : la table est confortable pour eux, ils sentent qu’elle est résistante donc ils peuvent vraiment se détendre dessus. Oui, je recommende cette table.


Being a medical doctor working in the field of Medical Acupuncture for some years, I have found that one of the secrets for the success of the treatment is a quiet environment, one that relaxes at put at ease the patient. It has been found that acupuncture activates the “default mode” of the brain, effectively replicating the same regions that are activated during deep and restoring sleep. Keeping a quiet and relaxing treatment room is therefore paramount in the outcome of the treatment. Acupuncture requires that the patient is relaxed during insertion of the needles, and since the needles remain in place for up to 30 minutes, the comfort of the treatment table is one of the most important aspects to attend when building your practice. I have used Habys treatment tables since 2008, and I´m extremely happy with both the portable and stationary one. I believe I get consistently superior results whenever I´m working in my own office.

António Encarnação MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist and Medical Acupuncture Competency

I use the Aero from Habys for my daily business as a mobile therapist, which means 5-8 times put up an fold every day, since 2 years. The Aero is still in perfect condition. As mobile therapist i was focusing on a stable but light massage table and I got a recommendation from a colleague.
Together with the backpacker-bag it fits perfect in my Smart for two and is perfect in the small car – no other massage table fits in!
If I would recommend the Habys Aero? Yes, definitely!

As Osteopath for Elite Athletics Team Bath and England Sprint development, Medic at England and GB Karate, I thoroughly recommend Habys' product: Light, sturdy, well made my athletes love it! In particular, I find the backpack element of the table an inspirational help, allowing me to travel internationally with ease

Azienda fantastica. Uso Habys da anni il lettini sono confortevoli, ampi e restitenti anche il design è moderno e curato nei dettagli. Tutti i miei clienti hanno notato la differenza trovano più comodo. La spugna è straordinaria come tutti i materiali che utilizza habys sono di altissima qualità. Un professionista non può non avere Habys nel suo studio. ❤️

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