HABYS solutions are the result of 25 years of experience and know-how gained over the years.

We use only the highest quality, certified components from verified suppliers.

Functionality, ergonomics and safety are our guidelines.


Soft & Quiet is a unique composition of high-quality foams and joints ensuring stability and silence during therapies.

The combination of carefully selected components results in the long lifespan of the product.

Soft & Quiet assures:

  • high work comfort
  • long lifespan of the product
  • resistance to deformations

Strong & Safe is an exceptional and complex system of organizing the production process which is focused on maintaining the highest quality standards of the massage tables. The system includes conceptual works, designing, constructing and selecting materials for the table production. Rigorous use of the system enables to achieve original results in terms of solidity, resistance and safety of the tables. Advantages of the Strong & Safe system are appreciated by its users even after many years of its intensive use.

Advantages of the system:

  • incredible table stability
  • high resistance
  • long service life of the table
  • complete operation safety for the masseurs and clients


  • HABYS portable and stationary massage tables
  • HABYS massage chairs
Fast Lock is a unique system for quick table height adjustment. It only requires pressing the stabilizers, with no necessity of undoing them. The system is mainly intended for dynamic and variable working conditions.

Advantages of the system:

  • fast adjustment of the table height


  • HABYS portable massage tables: Allano One, Panda Al, Medmal, Smart, Aero, Aero Stabilla, Aero Plus.

Triple Stabilo is a system of supporting the tabletop with three pairs of legs.

The table equipped with such a system preserves the stability of the entire surface and does not bend even at high pressures.

Triple Stabilo has been created with a view to massage therapists, for whom extreme and reliable stability of the table is the highest priority.

Triple Stabilo assures:

  • Increased stability of the tabletop
  • 450 kgs of working weight