Pregnancy massage bolster set

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Pregnancy massage bolster set

A set of bolsters intended for pregnancy massage treatment, enabling to correct the position of the woman during the massage. The bolsters provide complete comfort both while lying on the side and while lying on the abdomen, improving efficiency of the massage and facilitating its execution. The bolsters have been made of foams of optimum resilience and resistance to deformations.

The set includes an adjustable face rest. A dedicated carry case constitutes a practical complement of the set (optional).


Pregnancy Massage Bolster Set

Vinyl Flex
Vinyl Flex is the innovative fabric which meets high requirements of our Customers. Thanks to the proper components, modern technology and use of special protective layer, the material is characterized by high resistance to oils.

A unique feature of the Vinyl Flex upholstery is increased resistance to soiling. A special top layer of the upholstery made of a cross-fiber knit prevents the material from stretching, thanks to which the material is very durable even on the corners. Additionally, the upholstery is characterized by increased resistance to abrasion. Tests have confirmed that it is as high as 120,000 cycles. Vinyl Flex also has increased flexibility, is non-flammable and, what is also important, does not contain phthalates harmful to health.

The Vinyl Flex upholstery has been developed by HABYS development department in collaboration with Polish manufacturer of fabrics. The material is produced exclusively for HABYS.
  • water resistance
  • increased resistance to sweat and fluids
  • abrasion resistance 120000 cycles
  • increased resistance to oils
  • good tear resistance
  • light resistance
  • fire resistance
  • Oeko-Tex Certificate
  • carcinogenic phthalate-free
  • 2-year warranty for the use inside the buildings




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