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Olivia is a comfortable table dedicated to massaging pregnant women, women with large breasts and women after plastic surgery. 

Olivia has a two-element cutout in the top with a system of elastic bands supporting the woman’s belly and bust. By adjusting the tabletop to the contours of the pregnant woman’s body, it is possible to relax the back muscles while lying on the stomach while maintaining the physiological curves of the spine. Thanks to this, the table facilitates the proper performance of the massage and increases its effectiveness and comfort. The table has been refined down to the smallest detail. 

  • Length without face rest / with face rest: 184cm / 214cm
  • Table width: 70cm
  • Height adjusted in intervals: from 60cm to 86cm
  • Dimensions after folding: 92 x 70 x 25cm
  • Weight (with accessories) (+/- 1kg): 17,7kg
  • Dynamic resistance*: 350kg
  • Static resistance**: 1400kg
  • Legs construction: wood
  • Foam: 5cm
  • Brand: Habys
* Dynamic resistance – measurement made with an evenly distributed dynamic load, simulating the tensions that occur during a typical classical massage.
** Static resistance – measurement made with an evenly distributed, fixed static load.
OLIVIA table

is distinguished by:

  • Two-piece ergonomic table cutout for stomach and breasts
  • Adaptable, elastic bands to support the abdomen and breasts
  • Frame made of durable beechwood
  • Robust feet
  • Double stabilized table legs
  • Comfortable 5 cm thick top
  • Durable tabletop hinge system
  • Coated cables of increased strength
  • Special milling cutter increasing table stability
  • Solid slats with increased cross-sections
  • Comfortable headrest, adjustable in two planes
  • Two tabletop plugs under the abdomen and breasts
  • Comfortable hand support
  • Medical Device Certification, CE

Quality categories:

Quality categories
Model/Brand Portable tables Aveno Life:
Sofia, Nadia, Bianca, Adele
Other portable tables and chairs Aveno Life Portable tables and chairs Habys
Finishing aesthetics
Comfort of use
User beginner professional professional
Usage standard intense very intense
Warranty 2 years 2 years 5 years
Soft Touch

Solid and durable upholstery, in touch resembles natural leather. Made of PU material. Resistant to dirt, oils and disinfectants. The color of the upholstery retains its intensity for many years. Meets Habys quality criteria.

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