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Aero is a double-segment aluminum table of exceptionally light construction, compact dimensions and easy adjustment, created for the most mobile massage therapists.

It is convenient during transport and perfect for air travels. The table is a bestseller among Polish national teams in various sports disciplines: from ski jumping, through rowing, volleyball, to swimming. Aero was created in cooperation with physical therapists – representatives of the Polish national teams. Round aluminum profiles with the Fast Lock system provide excellent stability, lightness and the ability to quickly adjust the height of the table.

  • Length without face rest / with face rest: 165cm / 195cm
  • Table width: 60 or 70cm
  • Height adjusted in intervals: from 53cm to 82 cm every 3,2cm (10 positions)
  • Dimensions after folding: 82 x 60 x 13,5cm (width 60 cm), 82 x 70 x 13,5cm (width 70 cm)
  • Weight (with accessories): 11,4kg (width 60 cm), 12,4kg (width 70 cm)
  • Dynamic resistance*: 350kg
  • Static resistance**: 1400kg
  • Legs construction: aluminium
  • Brand: Habys

* Dynamic resistance – measurement made with an evenly distributed dynamic load, simulating the tensions that occur during a typical classical massage.
** Static resistance – measurement made with an evenly distributed, fixed static load.

AERO table

is distinguished by:

  • Ultra-light and durable aluminum frame
  • Modern design of legs with a circular cross section with the Fast Lock system
  • 5-year warranty on the frame
  • Fast and convenient height adjustment with snap fasteners
  • Additional marking facilitating quick adjustment
  • A simple design that allows quick folding and unfolding of the table
  • Aesthetically rounded tabletop corners
  • Face Rest 2D ERGO
  • Simply Front Shelf
  • Standard 2,5cm foam
  • Medical Device Certification, CE

Quality categories:

Quality categories
Model/Brand Portable tables Aveno Life:
Sofia, Nadia, Bianca, Adele
Other portable tables and chairs Aveno Life Portable tables and chairs Habys
Finishing aesthetics
Comfort of use
User beginner professional professional
Usage standard intense very intense
Warranty 2 years 2 years 5 years
Vinyl Flex
Vinyl Flex is the innovative fabric which meets high requirements of our Customers. Thanks to the proper components, modern technology and use of special protective layer, the material is characterized by high resistance to oils.

A unique feature of the Vinyl Flex upholstery is increased resistance to soiling. A special top layer of the upholstery made of a cross- fiber knit prevents the material from stretching, thanks to which the material is very durable even on the corners. Additionally, the upholstery is characterized by increased resistance to abrasion. Tests have confirmed that it is as high as 120,000 cycles. Vinyl Flex also has increased flexibility, is non-flammable and, what is also important, does not contain phthalates harmful to health.

The Vinyl Flex upholstery has been developed by HABYS development department in collaboration with Polish manufacturer of fabrics. The material is produced exclusively for HABYS.

Water resistance


Increased resistance to oils


Fire resistance


Light resistance




Oeko-Tex Certificate

Strong & Safe is an exceptional and complex system of organizing the production process which is focused on maintaining the highest quality standards of the massage tables. The system includes conceptual works, designing, constructing and selecting materials for the table production. Rigorous use of the system enables to achieve original results in terms of solidity, resistance and safety of the tables. Advantages of the Strong & Safe system are appreciated by its users even after many years of its intensive use.
Soft & Quiet technology is a unique composition of high quality foams and joints ensuring stability and silence during therapies. The combination of carefully selected materials and durable elements is the reason for high massage comfort, long lifespan of the table tops and their resistance to deformations.
Fast Lock is a unique system for quick table height adjustment. It only requires pressing the stabilizers, with no necessity of undoing them. The system is mainly intended for dynamic and variable working conditions.

TOP-NOTCH QUALITY ! I'm using their products from many years and I will always highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a best quality massage bed! All my clients are really impressed about the comfort ! Beds are extremely simple to set up and comes with plenty of accessories. Really fast and easy adjustment of the table's hight. It's a pleasure to work with HABYS products.


I have used Aero at one competition and have another big event in a few weeks time, so will give it a full and tough runout! Generally very impressed, feels light and solid, top cover and foam feels really durable. Bag's excellent and looks pretty robust. The 60cm Aero feels a bit 'long' for the width but I think this is because it's not what I am used to. I hear British Athletics have ordered 3, so I'll continue to recommend.


I use the Aero from Habys for my daily business as a mobile therapist, which means 5-8 times put up an fold every day, since 2 years. The Aero is still in perfect condition. As mobile therapist i was focusing on a stable but light massage table and I got a recommendation from a colleague. Together with the backpacker-bag it fits perfect in my Smart for two and is perfect in the small car – no other massage table fits in! If I would recommend the Habys Aero? Yes, definitely!


As Osteopath for Elite Athletics Team Bath and England Sprint development, Medic at England and GB Karate, I thoroughly recommend Habys' product: Light, sturdy, well made my athletes love it! In particular, I find the backpack element of the table an inspirational help, allowing me to travel internationally with ease


As sports physio of the Belgian national Swimming Team, Belgian national Triatlon Team and the Belgian Olympic Team I travel around the world, from training camp, over some competitions to the biggest championships. For all those events I have to depend on a very reliable portable physio table as a trusty partner. Luckily I found this with HABYS! Now I travel with Aero 60 - a very light table, easy to set up or break down, comfortable for the atlete and very easy to carry with a qualitatively bag! Thx HABYS


Je suis ostéopathe et kinésithérapeute de l’Equipe de France de Canöe-Kayak et j’utilise la table Aero pour pratiquer auprès des athlètes champions de France. Nous n’avons cette table que depuis 1 an mais elle a déjà bien été sollicitée et a beaucoup voyagé. Il s’agit d’une table fédérale, qui est utilisée par différents praticiens de l’Equipe de France. Nous massons des athlètes de gabarits pouvant aller jusqu’à 2m et 100kg, inutile donc de préciser que la table doit être résistante. Les avis de tous les praticiens sur la qualité du matériel sont importants et je peux vous dire qu’ils sont unanimes. D’ailleurs, nous avons commandé une seconde table quelques mois après la première car elle convenait vraiment à ce que l’on recherchait. Pour ma part, je pratique depuis 15 ans et je peux dire que je sais reconnaître une table de qualité, ce qui est bien le cas de la table Aero. Elle est à la fois légère, étroite, maniable et très résistante. Dans notre métier, la précision est très importante : nous effectuons des manipulations toniques et nous avons besoin de pouvoir nous déplacer facilement autour de la table.

Grâce à sa structure rigide, la table Aero ne bouge pas du tout, et sa mousse peu épaisse mais très dense permet vraiment d’obtenir les résultats escomptés. Le problème que l’on rencontre souvent avec des tables pliantes, qui ont des structures en bois, c’est qu’elles bougent pendant les manipulations. Cela gêne vraiment le travail du praticien. Nos dernières tables, de ce type-là, n’ont pas tenu bien longtemps : sur 3 tables achetées, 2 sont déjà hors d’usage car la structure a cédé sous le poids ! il faut dire qu’en championnat du monde, les sollicitations de la table sont quotidiennes et multiples: il faut l’installer et la replier plusieurs fois par jours, la transporter, pour y masser des athlètes de gabarits différents… Et du côté des athlètes qui sont massés, les retours sont très bons aussi : la table est confortable pour eux, ils sentent qu’elle est résistante donc ils peuvent vraiment se détendre dessus. Oui, je recommende cette table.

Nicolas Fischer

Ostéopathe et Kinésithérapeute de l’Equipe de France de Canöe-Kayak

Paul Walker, Cardiff


I am impressed by the quality, and it’s small size and lightness is exactly what I was hoping for. The box was slightly damaged when I received it, but ups accepted responsibility even though I think the contents was fine. Thank you for your excellent service so far and I look forward to forging a good business relationship going forward.

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