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Electric massage oil heater

The heater allows you to heat and maintain a comfortable temperature of massage oil. Within 40 minutes after a few automatic switching on of the device, the oil reaches a temperature of approx. 40 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the built-in thermostat, the heater maintains a constant temperature of the oil. In the set with the heater, you will receive a bottle with a 250 ml dispenser.
The benefits you will achieve with the heated oil
Features of the heater
Directions for use
  1. After inserting the bottle with cold oil into the warmer, set the dispenser in the open mode (i.e. when the dispenser
    is pressed, the oil flows out).
  2. Turn on the heater about 30-40 minutes before the first massage. The heater will automatically turn on and off
    several times and the temperature of the oil will keep increasing until it reaches a temperature of about 40 degrees
  3. Before use, check the temperature of the essential oil to avoid burns. The first presses of the dispenser will bring out
    the oil much cooler (coming from the tube). After a few presses, an oil with a pleasant temperature of about 40
    degrees Celsius will begin to flow.
  4. The switched-on heater will maintain a temperature of approx. 40 degrees Celsius. If you plan to carry out more
    massages during the day with warm oil, you can leave the heater on. The heater thermostat will prevent the oil from
  5. After finishing work, remember to turn off the heater.

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