45 Pcs Stone Set

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45 Pcs Stone Set

Set including 45 stones situated in a resistant box made of natural bamboo. Enables execution of whole body massage, also including massage of the head, face and feet.  

Perfect quality of the Stones and their exceptional properties are the result of using selected basalt, unique polishing technology and rigorous control of the production process. 

Set includes:
  • 1 X-Large Flat Ovular Stone: 7x11x2,8 cm
  • 10 Large Flat Ovular Stones: 5,5×7,5×2,8 cm
  • 14 Medium Flat Ovular Stones: 4,5×6,5×1,8 cm
  • 6 Flat Ovular Stones: 3x8x1,8 cm
  • 8 Miniature Pressure Point Stones: 3x4x0,8 cm
  • 2 Contoured Ovular Facial Stones: 3x8x1,8 cm
  • 2 Toes Stones: 3x5x1 cm
  • 2 Small Ovular White Marble Stones: 3x4x0,8 cm

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