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Sofia is a two-segment wooden massage table by AVENO LIFE, perfect for everyone looking for proven solutions at an economical price. A comfortable table top, full equipment and a special design of the legs facilitating access to the patient are the features that make Sofia an excellent choice for various massage techniques, manual therapy and cosmetic procedures.

Sofia is a universal portable massage table with a wooden structure, fully equipped with a carry case and accessories. The model is distinguished by a two-segment table top with a comfortable 5 cm foam, which consists of two layers of different hardness. The first is soft, 4 cm thick, and the second, a little harder, 1 cm thick. Thanks to this, the table is not only extremely comfortable for the patient, but also comfortable for the therapist.

The table has a specially contoured cutout in the table structure, facilitating access to the patient and working in a sitting position. Thanks to this, it is also perfect for face massage or cosmetic procedures. An excellent choice for those who are looking for economical, but tested and proven solutions.

  • Length without face rest / with face rest: 185cm / 213cm
  • Table width: 70cm
  • Height adjusted in intervals: from 61cm to 85cm
  • Dimensions after folding: 93 x 72 x 19cm
  • Weight (with accessories): 14kg
  • Dynamic resistance*: 250kg
  • Static resistance**: 900kg
  • Legs construction: wood
  • Foam: 5cm
  • Brand: Aveno Life
* Dynamic resistance – measurement made with an evenly distributed dynamic load, simulating the tensions that occur during a typical classical massage.
** Static resistance – measurement made with an evenly distributed, fixed static load.
SOFIA table

is distinguished by:

  • 5 cm two-layer foam for maximum comfort
  • Solid footers
  • Profiled headrest adjusted to the face oval
  • Face hole with plug in the tabletop
  • Specially profiled plywood for easy access to the patient
  • The frame is made of natural wood
  • Coated steel cables
  • Adjustable headrest in two planes
  • Front shelf under the arms
  • Armrests
  • Carrying case
  • Medical Device Certification, CE

Quality categories:

Quality categories
Model/Brand Portable tables Aveno Life:
Sofia, Nadia, Bianca, Adele
Other portable tables and chairs Aveno Life Portable tables and chairs Habys
Finishing aesthetics
Comfort of use
User beginner professional professional
Usage standard intense very intense
Warranty 2 years 2 years 5 years
Comfy Base
Solid and durable upholstery, made of PVC material. Resistant to dirt, oils and disinfectants. The color of the upholstery retains its intensity for many years. Tested – meets Habys quality criteria.

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