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Adele is a three-segment, aluminum massage table by AVENO LIFE, perfect for everyone looking for proven solutions at an economical price. A comfortable top with backrest, full equipment and a light, aluminum structure of the legs with additional reinforcement make Adele a perfect choice for massage and physiotherapy.

Adele is a universal folding massage table with an aluminum structure, fully equipped with a cover and additional accessories. The model is distinguished by a three-segment table top with a comfortable 5 cm foam, which consists of two layers of different hardness. The first is soft, 4 cm thick, and the second, a little harder, 1 cm thick. Thanks to this, the table is not only extremely comfortable for the patient, but also comfortable for the therapist. The table has a lifted backrest segment and is perfect for massage, physiotherapy and other techniques that require sitting position.

The table has a light, aluminum structure with a crossbar to increase stability during work. Thanks to this feature the table is suitable both for massage and physiotherapy.

An excellent choice for those looking for economical, but tested and proven solutions.
  • Length without face rest / with face rest: 185cm / 213cm
  • Table width: 60cm
  • Height adjusted in intervals: from 59cm to 80cm
  • Dimensions after folding: 93 x 62 x 19cm
  • Weight (with accessories) (+/- 1kg): 15kg
  • Dynamic resistance*: 250kg
  • Static resistance**: 900kg
  • Legs construction: aluminium
  • Foam: 5cm
  • Brand: Aveno Life
* Dynamic resistance – measurement made with an evenly distributed dynamic load, simulating the tensions that occur during a typical classical massage.
** Static resistance – measurement made with an evenly distributed, fixed static load.
ADELE table

is distinguished by:

  • 5 cm two-layer foam for maximum comfort
  • Additional possibility of positioning the tabletop segment
  • Profiled headrest adjusted to the face oval
  • Face hole with plug in the tabletop
  • A crossbar that increases the stability of the structure
  • Light aluminum construction
  • Coated steel cables
  • Adjustable headrest in two planes
  • Front shelf under the arms
  • Armrests
  • Carrying case
  • Medical Device Certification, CE

Quality categories:

Quality categories
Model/Brand Portable tables Aveno Life:
Sofia, Nadia, Bianca, Adele
Other portable tables and chairs Aveno Life Portable tables and chairs Habys
Finishing aesthetics
Comfort of use
User beginner professional professional
Usage standard intense very intense
Warranty 2 years 2 years 5 years
Commfy Base
Solid and durable upholstery, made of PVC material. Resistant to dirt, oils and disinfectants. The color of the upholstery retains its intensity for many years. Tested – meets Habys quality criteria.

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