HABYS Sp. z o.o. respects the privacy of the users of accessible via the Internet.

  1. By using website you accept the privacy policy.
  2. We record information received while using the website – among them may be:
    – information in server logs – our servers automatically record such data as user request page sent by user, date and time of the request, device data (e.g. hardware model), browser type, browser language, operating system, IP address and Cookies.
  3. HABYS Sp. z o.o. uses cookies for technical purposes. Cookies are never combined with any other data, especially personal data. Cookies may be used by the person who compiles the statistics on the use of – in accordance with its security policy – to create anonymous site statistics. This allows us to understand better the expectations of our users and develop the website so that it is even more user-friendly. Mostly, web browsers allow cookies to be stored by default, but users can manage them by themselves, including completely blocking these files. Just select the option to reject cookies in your browser.
  4. The data administrator is HABYS Sp. z o.o. based in Jaslo, Produkcyjna 16.
  5. We analyze collected data using solutions of external vendors. We are currently working with Google. This tool is based on cookies but does not provide any information for personal identification. Please read Google’s details –
  6. Collected data is used to provide certain services to our users and for administrative and statistical purposes, as well as to protect and our users.
  7. We treat data security very seriously. Therefore we make effort to protect against unauthorized third party access and we control our methods of collecting, storing and processing information. We use, among others, Firewall, server security devices, encryption devices and physical security measures. We only provide data access to those employees and entities who need access for processing solely for the purposes described in the privacy policy.
  8. By implementing the basic idea of the Internet we put on the website, links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies on these sites. We encourage you to follow the rules that apply when you visit another websites.
  9. If the rules of the privacy policy of will change, we will immediately post appropriate modifications to this subpage.